Chicagoland's Full-Service Source for New, Used, and Refurbished Office Furniture

As a full service new, used and refurbished office furniture vendor, Rework has all the remanufacturing, reupholstering, and spatial design services required to meet the needs of any business or professional interior project. Whether it be a full-service office redesign or self-serve trip to our showroom for a few office chairs, Rework’s premium inventory spans the budgetary spectrum, ensuring all office furniture customers can find the right products at the right price.

Self-Serve Pricing. Full-Service Experience.

Rework offers new and used office furniture at self-serve pricing but in a full-service customer experience. Give us your space, design and budgetary restraints and let us dig into our vast toolkit of new, used and refurbished office furniture to develop the perfect solution. Our Client Team will guide you through the selection process. Office Interior Designers will tailor a layout to maximize your space and work requirements. And Rework’s professional Delivery and Installation Team eliminates all the headaches that come with self-serve furniture solutions. All members of our knowledgeable and professional team are dedicated to ensuring the road to your new office environment is successful and stress-free.