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z3 Pod

$8,926.00 $4,463.00
(You save $4,463.00)

The zDesk patented system was created to meet the needs of today's eco-savvy company. Made with recycled materials, zDesk green workstations deliver sustainable form and function. The versatile and flexible streamlined design utilizes natural light and open spaces creating a warm and welcoming environment for any size space.

Made to order, the z3 is a unique product that creates unique spaces built to your specifications. Choose from several frame, surface, and screen options to create spaces that inspire. 

*Priced per seat based on 3 seat configuration.




Efficient center beam provides storage for power/data and support for frames and screens / Divide spaces with translucent and fabric screens / Add space with L-shape returns and surface extensions / Integral power solutions / Mobile storage options
SURFACES: Basic White, Basic Grey, Maple, Cherry, Walnut / FRAME: Basic White / LEGS: Basic White / SCREENS: Fabric, Mesh or Frosted Acrylic with Aluminum. Basic White, Basic Grey, Warm Grey, Dark Grey, Blue, Orange, Green

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