Office and Facility

Office and Facility Decommissioning


Office and Facility Decommissioning

In today’s competitive and volatile business climate, high-volume office turnover is a constant. In the event that your facility requires office decommissioning services, or you need to liquidate office assets and restore a space back to lease condition, the help of a professional can simplify a complicated and overwhelming process. 

If your facility closing date is approaching quickly and you need office furniture and other assets appraised, removed and the entire space brought in line with your lease terms, Rework by ROE can help. From decommissioning and asset liquidation to space restoration and waste diversion, Rework has the proven experience and resources to operate efficiently and effectively on any job, of any size, anywhere in the country. Decommissioning doesn’t have to be stressful. When you work with us, we leverage every one of our resources and services to ensure that your project runs smoothly and is competed on time. 

Rework has decommissioned 25+ million square feet of office facility space and holds national contracts with several Fortune 500 companies. Each job requires a different scope of services and we deliver them all.  We’ll help make sure that each aspect of the decommissioning process is taken care of so that you can focus on the next steps.

What’s Involved in Decommissioning Your Office or Facility?

Decommissioning is the process of removing, recycling, and/or disposing of all things that occupy a corporate space, so that that space may be returned back to its original state. This is a complex and multi-stage process that requires a thorough understanding of logistics, building codes and vendor relationships. While the idea of taking on this job yourself and saving some money may seem appealing,the financial consequences of missing a move deadline can be devastating. Save your organization stress and money; partner with Chicago’s most trusted service provider to handle the job for you. 

Decommissioning Step-by-step:

Decommissioning first involves evaluation the condition of a given property’s assets. 

Next, an inventory is taken of all items (furniture, technology, etc.) subject to decommission. Can these assets be reused, or recycled? Or does it make more sense to dispose of them and upgrade? Review your budget and employee needs before making concrete decisions. 

Cabling. Most commercial leases, whether used for voice or data lines, require cable to be removed. Thousands of feet, even miles of cable, can exist in the walls and ceilings of any given office space. Building owners require this cable to be removed in order to allow the next tenant the ability to wire their facility to suit their specific needs. 

After the furniture, electronics, and cabling are removed, the decommissioning team broom-sweeps the facility and make any/all necessary repairs.

Without a carefully planned and executed decommissioning plan, your business could miss a deadline and incur costly fines or fees from the building landlord. Avoid the hassle and risk and allow the professionals at Rework by ROE to handle the job for you.

Rework by ROE Specializes In Decommissioning and More 

When you hire Rework by ROE you enjoy:

Asset Management with Rework’s Asset Itemizer

Furniture Decommissioning

Technology Decommissioning

Delivery & Installation 

All of these services, when combined, ensure that the process of closing up shop or moving locations is easy and stress-free. We’ll make sure that the furniture and other hardware in your workspace is refurbished and recycled as part of our commitment to sustainability.

Rework’s Commitment to Sustainability

Preventing assets from reaching the landfill should be everybody's mission.

Prior to project initiation, Rework representatives and their clients collaborate to set specific waste diversion goals. From that point forward, records of all asset disposition, scrap, recycled/re-manufactured goods, and landfill will be maintained.

Upon request, Rework will present the client with a comprehensive waste diversion report, complete with certificate of landfill avoidance percentage. 

If you need help with your facility decommissioning project, contact Rework by ROE today to learn more about our range of services and how we apply them to better serve your business. Rework offers decommissioning for single and multi-location clients, anywhere in the country and is driven to find the solutions that will allow your business to move onto its next chapter.

Office &Facility Decommissioning FAQs:

Can Rework service a multi-location client? 
YES. Headquartered in Chicago, with facilities in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, St. Louis, MO, Richmond, VA, Philadelphia, and Tampa, Rework is coast to coast.

Can Rework dispose of existing or old furniture? 
YES. No matter the age or condition of the furniture we will provide a removal solution.

Can Rework build a per square foot furniture budget? 
YES. Rework can provide a customized furniture budget based on your needs.

Can Rework create and implement a spec suite program? 
YES. Rework has extensive experience creating and implementing spec suite programs for a variety of building owners and developers nationwide.