Office furniture is one of the biggest annual contributors to landfill waste in the United States. But at Rework, we believe in avoiding the landfills and putting America’s office furniture back to work! With our in-house capabilities and expertise, we are able to give dismissed office furniture new life and offer you like-new furniture at a fraction of new prices. It’s a beautiful way for your business to be both environmentally and financially responsible.


For a complete line of refurbished workstations that deliver consistency in both style and quality, explore Regroup—our exclusive line of cubicles and benching systems made from previously used materials. 

When you work with Rework by ROE, we’ll help you find the most cost effective way to revamp your Chicago office. 

Refurbished Furniture vs. New Furniture

If you’re redesigning your Chicago office but feel limited by a tight budget, consider refurbished furniture the perfect way to stretch it. Rework’s vast refurbished furniture collection is available and located at our Chicago warehouse. Rework’s refurbished furniture options are curated and exclusively include top brands and manufacturers, offered at a fraction of the price. Rework stands by its quality standards and works hard to ensure that the furniture brought into our facility passes through a rigorous inspection process before reaching our floor, so you can always trust that you’re getting a quality deal. 

Rework’s inspection processes help ensure that our furniture is clean, structurally uncompromised, and functions like new. When buying our like-new refurbished furniture, our customers saving money while acquiring top-of-the-line furniture that would be hard to fit into any budget.  

Why Consider Refurbished Furniture?

Choosing refurbished furniture offers a range of benefits beyond simply saving money. For instance, it:

Reduces the amount of product sent to the landfill. This is a great benefit, as it helps keep already-built products in rotation, creating less waste overall.

Conserves natural resources and energy. It does this by limiting the need for additional furniture production, which can use up natural resources such as wood for frames, as well as manpower, electricity, petroleum based product, and more. In other words, choosing refurbished furniture over new furniture is better for the environment. 

Protects virgin materials and resources, so that there is more of a supply of them when new furniture really is necessary. 

Uses 80-90% less energy than manufacturing new furniture. Again, this saves money and electricity, making it a better environmental as well as social choice. 

Rework's Sustainable Furbishing Services in Chicago Include: 

  • Reupholstery + refinishing, which can bring new life to older, lightly used furniture without the need to replace it. Reupholstering can give a new look to a dated piece of furniture, it can re-up the efficiency of something like a task chair, and it can generate years more in a piece of furniture’s lifespan.
  • Repainting + relaminating. Relaminating and repainting helps transform furniture from worn out, unattractive pieces into shiny new pieces that look amazing in any area of your office.
  • Furniture repair + cleaning. This is a process done on furniture that only needs a little bit of care. Repair and cleaning are basic processes that ensure the end product is in like-new condition.
  • Edge detailing, with attention paid to the fine details that make up what makes a piece of furniture look great. 

Choose Rework by ROE for Refurbished Furniture

When you’re looking for top-quality refurbished furniture for your Chicago office space, contact Rework by ROE. We offer consistent and efficient refurbishing, as well as a vast selection of ready-to-purchase new and refurbished furniture. Visit our Chicago showroom to browse our entire selection.