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This is not your parents’ workplace. For most people, gone are the days of punching in at 9 and punching out at 5. Gone are the days of a distinct separation between work and home. With laptops, mobile phones and company requests for employees to follow, like and share their social media, work life has seeped into home life. And with that comes the reverse. More and more personal activity and influences are making their way into the office. And this isn’t just limited to activities such as employees engaging in online banking or checking in on their social media. Employees want a work environment that supports the way they like to live in the rest of their life. For many people that means a healthier office. Gym memberships, in-office yoga and massage, healthier food options and ergonomic furniture are some of the most commonly requested employee amenities.

In today’s work environments, there’s a heightened awareness of the physical consequences of sitting all day. “Whether its motivated by back pain, cardiovascular improvement, or just a desire to burn more calories, sit-stand desks are the number one furniture request my clients are receiving from their employees,” says Dave Karnes, Business Development, Rework. Sit-stand desks are so popular because they give the employee options. With a sit-stand desk, employees can choose either position and change it throughout the week, day or hour. And, when and employee leaves, the replacement is not locked into the previous employee’s preferences and the company is not locked into the cost of purchasing an additional desk to fit the new employee’s work style preferences. “Sit-stand desks really are one of the easiest and most cost-effective amenities a company can provide to its employees,” says Karnes. “It shows that the company cares about its employees’ health and lifestyle preferences while not adding huge cost to the office furniture budget.”

So bring in a massage therapist once a month. Stock your vending machines with healthier options. And talk to Rework about adding sit-stand desks to your office. It’s a simple way to make your office a healthier and more desirable work space for your employees.

Did you know? Standing versus sitting can burn up to 72,000 additional calories per year. That’s the equivalent of 20 pounds!*

*Based on 150-pound person, 40 hour work week for 48 weeks per year.

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